Schoolzilla K-12 Data Dashboard

NERIC has partnered with Schoolzilla to provide districts with a K-12 Data Dashboard. Using Mosaic©, a multiple measures dashboard, districts are provided with a curated view of results in real-time to manage progress toward their most important goals. Schoolzilla’s data platform empowers districts with a visual look at areas such as chronic absenteeism, suspensions and failing grades, ELA, math, English learner progress, college/career, attendance and enrollment and more. Deep dive reports allow for districts to drill down to the student level to assist users in seeing data in the same platform.

Throughout the implementation process, NERIC will work with the district and Schoolzilla to obtain all data for your district using a secure connection developed either by NERIC or Schoolzilla (depending on your Student Management System). Once the data is ready in the district’s Data Wall, NERIC will work with the district to train users in access, understanding and application of the data at a district, building and educator level. Districts who sign up for the Advanced Package will receive specialized training using Tableau© in which districts can create their own individualized reports