Professional Development opportunities designed for district instructional and operational needs

NERIC provides professional development opportunities that support districts on all levels of operation—from the classroom, to the business office, to the technology department.

NERIC’s instructional teams make up a multi-service unit that works with staff in constituent schools to provide innovative technology support. NERIC’s Model Schools program, a component of its instructional teams, facilitates a regional community for district staff to share best practices in instructional technology integration. Through workshops designed exclusively for educators, NERIC staff and teachers in participating districts develop and conduct cooperative professional development opportunities that enable the effective use of instructional technology in the classroom. Instructional staff also provide training and support activities for the software, tools and systems available to districts.

Multiple training and user group opportunities are also administered by NERIC service teams, such as Administrative Services, Business Services and Network Services.

Customized Trainings

Contact us so we can develop a tailored experience for you. Our staff is available for superintendent conference days, school day and after-school workshops (at BOCES/NERIC or your site), and in-service training.