Model Schools

Designing education to meet the needs of a 21st-century global society requires the ability to rapidly adapt and apply technology to work creatively to generate new ideas, new theories, new products and new knowledge. NERIC’s Model Schools service provides a high-quality, affordable means of allowing educators to share and build upon their knowledge with colleagues across the region.

Model Schools is a comprehensive support program for districts and is composed of educational technology professionals with specific areas of expertise. The purpose of the program is to assist districts in their efforts to evaluate, vision, plan and integrate technology into curriculum as a tool to improve student achievement.

Through this service, NERIC staff work with teachers, technology coordinators and administrators to enhance their technology literacy through regional workshops, webinars, online professional development, special events and conferences. Model Schools encourages networking, sharing of best practices and envisioning of future technology uses through district participation in regional events. In addition, member districts receive access to our Lending Library of STEAM tools based on availability.

This service includes access to the BrightBytes Technology and Learning and Modern Learning surveys, which provide reliable and research-based frameworks enabling districts to better allocate technology resources and respond quickly to the diverse needs of students and teachers.