Mobile Device Management

With mobile devices increasing in number, districts need a plan to manage their own mobile equipment, as well as student- and staff-owned bring your own devices (BYODs). NERIC will work with participating schools to implement such a strategy that would include policies and profiles for their staff and students, as well as their guests, to appropriately access the school network.

NERIC provides two Mobile Device Management (MDM) suites – Jamf Casper or Lightspeed MDM – to provide a complete solution for mobile learning that is geared specifically for schools. It is a comprehensive solution that allows for detailed management of mobile devices. Lightspeed MDM supports management of Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Chromebook and MacOS devices. Jamf Casper supports iOS and Mac OS.

Effective MDM also addresses the need for Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliance for student devices while on the district’s network. By enrolling their devices, students gain the benefit of the district’s high-speed wireless infrastructure, but are limited to appropriate content delivered over that network. Policies can then be assigned to student devices that would limit their ability to use common functions of the device outside of the focus of instruction and help students to remain good digital citizens.