Research shows that human error is involved in 90% of successful cyber attacks. And as cyber threats continue to get more sophisticated, they also become more difficult to spot.

The challenge with traditional security training is that end users simply do not like it — it’s too long, dull, and boring and is often just a compliance requirement.

Mimecast, a cloud-based security awareness training and cyber risk management platform, takes a modern approach by delivering:

  • Short micro trainings that are easy to consume,
  • Sitcom style modules to engage your end users,
  • Humorous content which makes the lessons more memorable, and
  • Metrics to make it easy for you to identify your riskiest users.

NERIC Support includes:

  • Coordination the implementation between the district and Mimecast Technical Team,
  • Assistance in developing the district’s annual roadmap for awareness training,
  • Administration of Phishing campaigns and monthly training modules, and
  • Reporting guidance based on the district’s roadmap.