Managed Firewall Service

Offered by the NERIC WAN team, this service provides a strategy for school districts to effectively safeguard critical information residing on LAN infrastructures. The service enables districts to outsource the responsibilities associated with network security design and implementation, along with the day-to-day operations and maintenance required for an effective security solution.

After analyzing a district’s existing WAN/LAN network designs, an effective firewall solution will be recommended and implemented. Ongoing rule changes and management will be provided, along with documentation required for effective security management and tracking.

Firewall log monitoring and management, as well as firewall custom configuration, will be performed to ensure an effective security solution. Network capacity planning, network analysis and network utilization will also be performed with this managed service. Online accessibility for remote network administrators through the management software includes the ability to get real-time network WAN statistics that can be saved and used for documentation of WAN usage and for future capacity planning for internet access and web services offered over the NERIC WAN. Through outsourcing of firewall security infrastructure, a school district can effectively reduce network operational costs while increasing the effectiveness of the firewall security operations on the network.