Internet-Based Learning Systems Support

Internet-Based Learning Systems are a set of cloud based educational tools with utility in the everyday classroom environment. NERIC will work closely with service subscribers to acquire licenses, then facilitate ongoing training and support.

  • Castle Learning (512.055.130) provides online core and elective content, review and assessment tools across K-12.
  • Defined STEM (512.250.010) is a web-based project-based learning software.
  • Edpuzzle (512.055.140) allows simple video editing tools and returns student performance data to instructors.
  • Fast ForWord (Scientific Learning) (512.055.050) provides software for strengthening foundational literacy skills.
  • IXL (512.055.080/085) is a K-12 learning tool providing standards-aligned content for math, language arts, science and social studies.
  • Kami (512.055.150) allows annotation of online documents for use in virtual and hybrid classrooms.
  • Learning Without Tears (512.055.200) provides online keyboarding tools that allows independent study and powerful teacher tools to monitor progress.
  • Legends of Learning (512.055.090/095) provides standards-aligned science engagement tools for elementary and middle school students.
  • Nearpod (512.055.060/065) allows import of teaching resources into engaging formats empowering students to work independently.
  • Newsela (512.055.110/115) is an instructional content platform that strengthens reading engagement and learning across subjects.
  • ScreenCastify (512.055.160) an easy video capture and editing tool for flipped, hybrid and virtual instructional models.
  • SMART Learning Suite (512.220/221) Offering a combination of lesson creation and delivery, assessment, student collaboration and game-based learning software, with both a desktop and cloud-based workspace that supports seamless instruction and interactive lesson delivery.
  • Soundtrap (512.055.170) an easy audio capture and editing tool for collaboration between music students and teachers with shared files.
  • STEM Scopes System (Accelerated Learning) (512.055.120) STEM content built to Next Gen Standards, delivered intuitively online.
  • Vidcode (512.055.210) an engaging video editing/coding platform to develop real-world computer science skills in a creative environment.
  • zSpace (512.055.100/105) provides students an augmented/virtual reality (ARNR) experience in a compact desktop solution.