Internet-Based Learning Systems Support

Fast ForWord (Scientific Learning) (512.055.050) provides software in K-12 learning environments designed to strengthen memory, attention, processing rate and sequencing/cognitive skills essential for learning and reading success. Daily product usage has been effective in strengthening: phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, decoding, working memory, syntax, grammar and other language skills necessary for beginning, emergent and confident readers. NERIC will work closely with service subscribers to acquire licenses, provide ongoing training and support and monitor students’ online Progress Tracker Reports.

SuccessMaker (512.055.040) is a K-8 integrated learning system that offers foundations learning in math, reading, science and language arts. Management tools assist in designing and integrating curriculum.

A+ Educators (512.210) provides three platforms to support district instructional improvement initiatives:

  • Beyond TargetED houses lesson plans and/or units, interactive, technology-based lessons designed to help students learn concepts without assistance, web-based games and iPad apps, and engaging standards-aligned whiteboard lessons for use with SMART or ActiveInspire software.
  • FOCUS provides a common, data-driven language for teacher-led continuous improvement.
  • PROPEL is an iPad-based instructional platform for students at risk of not passing high stakes examinations in language arts and math.