Internet Access Connectivity

This NERIC service provides school districts with redundant telecommunications transport connections to the commercial internet via two Tier I Internet Access Providers connecting to the NERIC Data Center in Albany. Along with the redundant Internet Access Providers, the fiber cable plant used to carry this internet traffic is also redundant with two paths out from the NERIC Data Center (East fiber path and West fiber path). This service for Internet Access Connectivity includes a wide variety of technical resources to assist in the operation, management and maintenance of the networking infrastructure and Internet connectivity. School districts connected to the NERIC Regional WAN utilizing the Internet Access Connectivity service also have the option to implement their own web and email servers, or school districts may choose to subscribe to NERIC’s Web Hosting and Email services. Internet Access Connectivity is an E-rate-eligible service.

The service is looking to improve connectivity and reliability in the 2019-20 school year due to improved NERIC regional WAN transport redundancy and network resiliency along with increased transport speeds and DDos migration techniques and hardware devices for improved management and connectivity/uptime.

NERIC technical staff are available to assist school districts with any technical questions and concerns for all phases of network planning, technical design, technical support and technical consultation/technical recommendations as needed for short-term or long-term advanced network planning. NERIC staff are available and eager to assist any school district requiring assistance or direction.