Internet Access Connectivity

This NERIC service provides districts with a connection to the commercial internet and to the Internet II (research and education environment) using dedicated broadband telecommunications circuits connecting to the NERIC regional wide area network (WAN). This service includes a wide variety of resources to assist in the management and maintenance of the networking infrastructure. School districts also have the option to implement their own web and email servers, or districts may choose to subscribe to NERIC’s Web Hosting and Email services. Internet Access Connectivity is an E-rate-eligible

This service also includes access to the Internet II – the educational research and development network. This connectivity deploys advanced network technologies, enabling a new generation of applications through videoconferencing, simulation, virtual reality, tele-immersion and “collaboratories.” Internet Access Connectivity to the Internet II R&E network is an E-rate-eligible service.

NERIC technical staff are available to assist school districts in all phases of network planning, technical design, technical support and technical consultation/technical recommendations as needed for short-term or long-term advanced network planning.