HALO Smart Sensors

HALO IoT Smart Sensor is a multi-sensor used for vape detection, sound detection, air quality monitoring, chemical detection and more.

Watch this informational video.

With HALO, designated personnel will be alerted when environmental changes occur in typically unsupervised areas. HALO can detect flammables, hazardous chemicals, air quality changes such as vaping and smoking and changes in temperature and humidity. HALO can also detect noise level fluctuations and can send alerts when unusual activity occurs. HALO will also analyze room occupancy through light detection. HALO includes a built-in tamper detection alert.

This service includes HALO 2.0 IoT Smart Sensor(s) (POE) and vendor programming/calibrating of the HALO IoT Smart Sensor(s). The vendor, Alltech Integrations, will provide all technical support and set-up assistance. NERIC will communicate new features, system improvements and provide trainings for districts via user group meetings.