Frontline IEP and Frontline Medicaid – NERIC Support

NERIC’s Frontline IEP and Medicaid support service ensures that the proper elements and commitments are in place to provide service support to subscribers.

This service includes:

  • prompt service provided via phone, email and incident log system (ServiceNow)
  • ongoing training and second-level support tailored to districts’ specific needs
  • advisement on best practices and processes for improvement regarding the Frontline application
  • assistance to users with a comprehensive solution regarding their quandary
  • assistance for districts with the integration of third-party systems with the data
  • joint cooperation with Frontline as a liaison between the district and the application
  • guidance with data warehouse requirements as they relate to the application
  • refresher training for new staff based on districts’ requests provided at NERIC, on-site or via webinar
  • per district approval, the Special Ed. support team will import state assessment data
  • an annual user group provided at NERIC or via webinar