Expanded Distance Learning

This service is designed for districts interested in growing their existing Distance Learning or Videoconferencing initiatives or looking to start distance learning on a smaller scale. Expanded Distance Learning uses high-definition interactive video to help provide students with improved access to daily courses.

Expanded Distance Learning is intended for districts interested in using the following models:

  • Smaller networks of schools to better guarantee participation in shared courses
  • Partnering with one other school to share daily courses
  • A second full or overflow Distance Learning classroom to expand course offerings
  • Accessing courses available in the full Distance Learning service catalog once regional scheduling is completed

Key benefits of Expanded Distance Learning Service:

  • Ongoing training and technical support through dedicated helpdesk and remote access
  • Bridging, scheduling and recording of courses
  • Program support through regional committees (when applicable)
  • All features currently included in NERIC’s Videoconferencing (VC) Services, including access to desktop VC and program support to help facilitate integration of DL/VC technology into student learning activities