Microsoft Licensing – EES

Managing the many computers stationed throughout a school district’s buildings is challenging. Throw software into the mix and the task becomes downright daunting. But school districts no longer need to struggle with this task thanks to NERIC’s partnership with Microsoft on the Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) software licensing agreement. Under this agreement, participating school districts receive full licensing for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office Professional, Exchange client licenses and many others, all for a low annual fee. The licensing is priced based on the number of employees in a school district (EQUs), not the number of workstations, helping keep the price constant each year.

By utilizing this service, participating school districts are always in full compliance with licensing requirements for software with no administrative overhead. Participating school districts are also able to take advantage of the Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP), which gives staff members the option of downloading the full Microsoft Office Suite on their home computers for a low one-time fee of $9.95. This option can also be made available to students with the purchase of additional licensing. Having access to this software at home and at the office will prove to be of great benefit to district employees, as well as to the district as a whole.