Cooperative Technology Services

Cooperative Technology Services (CTS) provides customer-focused information technology resources and management to support the subscriber’s technology infrastructure. CTS includes strategic planning and technology consultation, procurement services, technology project consultation and coordination, user account management and end-user support.

Each subscriber is provided with a technical team, including a technical account manager (TAM) and (on-site and remote) technicians who are assisted by CTS central staff. Subscription to CTS includes network monitoring and support, server monitoring and support, ServiceNow ticketing system and coordination with other NERIC services.

While CTS is intended to be flexible, allowing subscribers to develop their own unique educational technology vision and goals, NERIC works to standardize a set of methodologies ensuring consistent and enterprise level delivery of services. During the on-boarding process, CTS will identify the district’s hardware and software that are outside of the standard service offering. For those items not part of the standard service offering, CTS will provide best-effort support and collaborate with the district to move over time to supported solutions.