Cafeteria Systems Service

NERIC’s Cafeteria Systems Services (NUTRIKIDS® – locally hosted; Mosaic and Titan – cloud hosted) are Windows-based, point-of-sale, food service accountability programs. The service provides for initial implementation, training and support, as well as annual maintenance.

These systems help your students move through the lunch line quickly and efficiently. The software is intuitive and automates the process without over-complicating it. Touch-screen terminals simplify the cashier station so that your staff feels comfortable by the end of the first day. Cash sales, student charges, prepayments, negative charges and adult meals are all easily processed in seconds, giving your students time to enjoy the nutritious meals you prepare. Daily and monthly reporting and year-end processing have never been easier.

A free and reduced-priced lunch application processing module is also available. Free and reduced information exports from the point-of-sale system and can be automatically generated and loaded into the data warehouse, reducing data entry time and data redundancy in your district. Also available are integrated online payment options, or K12 Payment Center. This allows parents and guardians to make online payments, see what their students purchased, check student balances and receive low balance emails.