Technology Considerations for for Instruction

  • Make sure the online tools* you are using are approved by your district.
  • Consider both synchronous and asynchronous online tools and activities.
    • Synchronous tools are used for same-time connections with your students. Example include online conferencing tools such as Google Meet and Webex.
    • Asynchronous tools do not connect providers with students at the same time. Examples include video creation tools and interactive games.
  • Providers are encouraged to consider a blended model when possible, using synchronous and asynchronous tools together.
  • Digitize your content.
    • Use your phone to scan worksheets into your content management system (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Sharepoint, etc.) and then share them with your students/parents.
    • Find accessible videos online that could enhance your lessons.
    • Create videos yourself for students to use at times they are not connected with you.
    • Use online games and content sources to transition your in-person activities to a virtual model.
  • Establish specific times for class meetings or office hours.

*Please follow your district’s data privacy and security guidelines. We strongly encourage you to read the privacy policies of any non-district approved applications to ensure that your students’ identities are properly protected. If you are unsure whether a resource is approved by the district, please contact your school. Please visit StaySafe Online for useful information. Links to sites do not imply endorsement by NERIC.