Smart Schools Bond Act Assets

NERIC has been successful in securing a new CoSer from NYSED to support districts with the acquisition of technology outlined in their Smart Schools Investment Plans (SSIP).

While districts will be asked to pay what they are able while their orders are being processed by NERIC, under this offering, a district will not be required to pay its bill in full until it has received full Smart Schools Bond Act (SSBA) reimbursement from the state.

NERIC has worked with the vendor community to establish the most advantageous pricing available to NERIC districts and with financial advisors to ensure that it can meet the borrowing needs of this program.

  • NERIC will review the district SSIP and work with the district to coordinate technology procurements.
  • A cross contract will be executed through district’s local BOCES, however Capital Region BOCES will not charge the four percent “Administrative Cross Contact Fee” for purchases made under this CoSer.
  • A title of ownership will be provided at an appropriate time so that the district can then seek reimbursement.
  • This CoSer allows districts to make Smart Schools Bond Act purchases, as well as aidable purchases using local funds.