Computer Security

Information Security Assessment (604.160.080) is a comprehensive evaluation of security posture from an external and internal perspective. It includes an in-depth evaluation of your security architecture, policies and procedures, threats and vulnerabilities and technical security controls and mechanisms. The goal is to identify and remediate vulnerabilities and to increase staff awareness of security best practices. Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing are available options.

Application Security Assessment (604.160.070) is a review and evaluation of application security from the client and server perspectives. Protection Policy Development works with districts to help plan and execute appropriate strategies for protection through policies and best practices that reflect K-12’s unique environment and culture. Network Security Architecture Design assists districts in developing a network security architecture design based on assessed requirements and industry best practices.

Computer Security (604.160.060) also provides an avenue for a digital forensics, which captures and analyzes a system for its use and can provide insight to processes that have already occurred on a system. Taken in an analytical lens and provided back in a fact-based assessment to help determine what actions were taken on a system by a user and what actions were that of automation. Forensic reviews are customizable and will be tailored to suit your district’s specific digital forensic needs.