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Financial Services

For assistance or more information:

FM Phone Help Account and Voice Mail: (518) 862-5387
Fax: (518) 862-5378


  • Finance Manager/nVision Software Support & Training (604-180) Based on the Finance Manager (FM) software suite, this service offers comprehensive, integrated Payroll, Human Resources, Negotiations, Budget Projections, Remote Requisitioning, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Bidding, General Ledger, Revenue, Accounts Receivable and GASB34 processing and reporting modules.
  • Finance Manager Hosted Solution (604-180) NERIC also offers Finance Manager programs and data services as a hosted service via the Web using Citrix. Districts share the cost of servers and specialized technical staff, while NERIC assumes the responsibility for the operation, security, system backups and recovery of data in the event of a server crash.
  • PDP Premier Training and Support (604-180-090-115) Developed by the Western New York RIC, PDP Timekeeper/Premier is a Web-based software for professional development tracking. It allows staff to log on to request activities and monitor their own PDP status.
  • WinCap (604-610) Wincap offers extensive security and setup options to configure the system with proper budgetary and data validation controls to safely distribute tasks and information access to other district management and program staff.


financial team

Marc Iorio, Managing Program Coordinator I, (518) 862-5339

David Dearborn, (518) 862-5341

Lisa Gatzen, (518) 862-5405

Ashley Kitto, (518) 862-5407

Colette Mack, (518) 862-5343

Jennie Crandall, (518) 862-5331

Robert Christy, (315) 386-4504 — WinCap support only