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  • Non-Public 2015-16 End of Year Certification Form
  • COGNOS L1 Reports Account Request Form
  • ASAP/Serv-U Account Request Form
  • New Level 0/ASAP User Form – Used to grant access to Student, Staff and/or Regents Reports only. If you need an account created to use Level 0, fax this form to us at (518) 862-5378.
  • New DDC Form: Every LEA reporting to the state data warehouse must name a District Data Coordinator (DDC – formerly known as Chief Information Officer or CIO) as the lead on this very important reporting project. NERIC strongly suggests that an alternate be named, as well. In the event that the DDC is unavailable, especially during an important crunch time, the alternate DDC will be contacted. LEAs should update their form at least yearly and whenever there is a change in DDC or alternate DDC. Please fax your completed form to – ATTN: Data Warehouse Team at (518) 862-5378 or (518) 862-5411. Thank you.
  • NYSSIS ID Request Form: NYSSIS ID request form for your district's students.
  • BETA AIS Attendance Tracking: Dave Barclay from Glens Falls City has shared the attached AIS Attendance Tracking document:"After the pain of dealing with AIS this year, I put together a spreadsheet that will hopefully give me what I need and make things easy next year. The plan is to have one sheet per child, and use this as a Google Doc whereby teachers will use this to take their daily attendance. If you like it, please pass it along. It's still in draft form . . . we'll call it a Beta. Plus, if anyone has ideas on using Access to cleanly get what we need out, I'm game for a chat."
  • Distance Learning Enrollment Form - 0055: Revised "Enrolled for Instructional Reporting Only 0055" - Distance Learning Form. Revision 1 - Grade 9 Entry Date added. 11/30/12. A special thanks to Jeff Rivenburg at Duanesburg!
  • Professional PMF Information Form: Use this document to help gather information required in the Staff Snapshot and Staff Assignment for Teaching and Non-Teaching Professionals (refers to the PMF Descriptions Document).