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NERIC DataFlow 

This value-added service is provided to Student Information System Support customers. It may also be available to others at a cost. Please contact us to determine whether this is a possibility for your district.

NERIC DataFlow provides an automated process for moving data from a number of student information and special education
systems directly to Level 0 of the Data Warehouse. Originally available only to districts subscribing to services for NERIC-supported student information and special education systems, this service can now be purchased by non-supported districts.

NERIC DataFlow automates the daily extraction of student demographic, enrollment and program services data from the source system. Level 0 import rules are applied to the extracted data, error reports are generated on a daily basis and the data that passes the edit checks is written directly to Level 0. This automated process eliminates the need to manually extract files for import into Level 0 and attention can be given to correcting errors in the source system on a daily basis.

GPS (Get Problem Solved) has been added to assist in the process. GPS is system-specific help contained within the reports, which provides users with information about how and where to correct errors in their source system.

Corrections should ALWAYS be made in the source system. Once the corrections are made in the source system, that data will pass the edit checks and be written with the next pull. It's very important that all students be reported through your Student Management System to keep this data in synch.

Districts who sign up are still responsible for importing ALL other data extracts (other than Demographics, Enrollment and Program Services) into Level 0. Districts are also responsible for uploading ALL modules to Level 1 through L1 -DataPrep. We don't move the data to the state for you; we know you want to verify this data is all accurate prior to uploading it. Until we notify you that your files are writing, please make sure you are importing your own files. If there is a question on the status of your NERIC DataFlow request, please email us at

FUTURE: Student Class Grade Detail and Staff-Student-Course data files are in the works for a future release.

We ask that EVERYONE complete a new form annually. Staffing and/or SMS changes can affect the source system used for the data, the contact person for DataFlow and/or the options a district chooses. Below are the link to the NERIC DataFlow Survey and the Program Services list that we need completed whether you choose to write the data OR just receive the reports. IF we don't have the correct source for your district's data, the data could be missed or written from the wrong system if you are putting the same data into multiple systems (which we'd advise against.)