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Online Cognos Level 1 Report Samples (L1 Reports)

Level 1 Reports [L1 Reports], January 2016, release of new folder structure.
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  • If you do not have a Serv-U/Cognos account and would like an account, click HERE and follow the directions on the User Account Request Form.
  • Log on to L1 Reports with your NERICFS credentials. If you do not remember your credentials please contact the NERIC Service Desk at (518) 862-5400.
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0: Common Data Views (STATEWIDE)

Common Data views (ELA and Math 3-8)


00: Common Data View (Regional Consortium)

Constructed Response Score Distribution (3-8)
Constructed Response Score Distribution (Regents)
Individual Student Performance (3-8)
Individual Student Performance (Regents)
Item Response and Gap Analysis (Regents)
NYSED Released Questions
Performance Report with Gap Analysis (3-8)
P-Value Reports (3-8)
P-Value Reports (Regents)


01: 3-8 Assessment Reports

01 Individual Response Analysis
02 Trend Reports
03 Performance Summary
04 Assessment List
05 Performance Level Comparison
06 3-8 Score Labels
07 Untested Student Listing
08 Subscore Analysis
09 Parent Report
10 Student Assessment Trend
11 Strand Analysis
12 Refusal Analysis


02: Regents Reports

1 Individual Response Analysis with Subskill
2 Trend Reports
3 Regents Performance Summary
4 Assessment List
5 Performance Level Comparison
6 Graduation Requirements


03: Other Assessments

01 RCT Assessment
03 NYSITELL with Subscore


04: Program Service Reports

1 BOCES Program Enrollment
2 CTE Program Completers by Subgroups
3 NYSAA Program Participants
4 Immigrant Report
5 ELL Program Participants


05: Post-Secondary Reports

1 Aspirational Performance


06: Student Demographics

1 Student Cohort Listing
2 Student Profile
3 NYSSIS ID Lookup