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Regents Examinations*                                                                                  
Code Description
01 Scored Below 55
02 Scored 55–64
03 Scored 65–84
04 Scored 85–100


*NOTE: These codes are also used when non-Common Core Regents examinations are used to fulfil the performance criterion for accountability at the secondary level in mathematics and science.


Common Core Regents Examinations*
Code Description
31 Does not demonstrate knowledge and skills for Level 2
32 (Safety Net) - Partially meets Common Core expectations
33 Partially meets Common Core expectations
34 Meets Common Core expectations
35 Exceeds Common Core expectations


*NOTE: These codes are also used when Common Core Regents examinations are used to fulfil the performance criterion for accountability at the secondary level in ELA and mathematics.




Answer Sheets, Scanning, & Reporting Service Ordering Information


August 2017 Regents Answer Sheets Order Services & Non-Secure Documents Order Form

  • For the August 2017 Regents Answer Sheet Services & Non-Secure Documents Order Form, please click HERE. For Instructions and Specifications see pages 2 and 3 of the order form.
  • The deadline to submit the order form and csv file is Monday, July 17, 2017. Answer sheets will be mailed to the district (LEA) two weeks prior to test administration.
  • Data file templates are available in MS Access and Excel. Please click HERE to obtain a .zip file with both templates.


Contact Matt Coleman or Andrea Vamvas at (518) 862-5314 or send an email to if you have any questions about the form or demographic data files.


NERIC Regents Reporting Service

Beginning June 2011, the new NYSED mandate went into effect and the NERIC Regents Scanning Service changed dramatically, as did the role the district plays. The exams that were part of the 2010-2011 mandate are Comprehensive English, Integrated Algebra, Earth Science, Living Environment, Global History & Government, and US History & Government.

Starting in June 2012, answer sheets for ALL Regents Exams must be scanned. For more information on these mandates please refer to the memo dated October 2012, "Scanning Regents Examination Answer Sheets." The regional scanning centers throughout the State have collaborated with the Department to develop uniform answer sheets that will be used by all schools administering the Regents Exams. These uniform answer sheets will be the only answer sheets schools will be permitted to use for administering Regents Exams. All schools that are administering Regents Exams are required to use the uniform answer sheet. All schools that administer Regents Examinations must contract for data collection, scanning, and reporting services with a RIC or Big Five. NYSED no longer provides answer sheets in Regents Exam booklets.

The NERIC provides preprinted answer sheets for the schools in its region. NERIC also provides a percentage of extra answer sheets. The answer sheets are plain paper forms. To see sample answer sheets scroll down to Documents, Instructions and Sample and click Sample Answer Sheets.

NERIC offers three (3) scanning options:

Option 1: Regional Scan Site – Machine-Score Exams - Districts/Schools choosing this option will bring answer sheets for which constructed response questions have been rated and the teacher portion of the sheets are bubbled, to a Regional Scan Site (local BOCES) on the dates specified by the BOCES/RIC to be scanned and machine scored.

Option 2: Manually score exams – Districts/Schools choosing this option will score the constructed response questions and bubble the answer sheets, then manually score the entire exam, but mail/deliver already scored answer sheets to NERIC by the deadline specific by NERIC.

Option 3: Scan answer sheets In-District* - You must be an on-site scanning district to choose this option. All answer sheets must be scanned by the deadline specified by NERIC.

After scanning/scoring - Once your district confirms the accuracy of ASAP reports, you can request a data file for each exam be uploaded to the SERV-U District Folder.

For more information send an email to TESTING or contact Matt Coleman or Andrea Vamvas at (518) 862-5314.



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