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NERIC's "Transforming Schools" 

View “Transforming Schools,” a publication produced by NERIC to provide guidance around the process oTransforming Schoolsf Instructional Technology Planning and the Smart Schools Bond Act.

Transforming Schools is an interactive publication that focuses on the “new classroom” and offers guidance on how you can help move your districts toward a “School 3.0” approach to teaching and learning.

Following are instructions for navigating the pdf publication:
  • In order to access the interactive features, it must be viewed through Adobe Reader.
  • A “full screen” notice will appear when you open the PDF for the first time. Click the box next to “remember my choice for this document” and hit “yes” to view it in full screen mode and to take full advantage of the interactivity of this publication. The document will automatically open in full screen mode each time you view it if you have clicked “remember my choice…” Hit “esc” to leave full screen mode.
  • Use the directional arrows in the lower right and left corners to page forward or back. Clicking anywhere on the page itself will move the document to the next page.
  • Throughout the publication, find directions for using interactive features to access more information and in-depth “deep dives” into topics.
View the document in Word format here.