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2016-17 Service Level Descriptions

NERIC's Executive Team:

Dale Breault, Director
(518) 862-5427

Roxanne Pombrio, Assistant Director
(518) 862-5427

David Versocki, Deputy Director
(518) 862-5303


NERIC's Leadership Team:

Matt Castilla, Managing Program Coordinator II –Cooperative Technology Services
(518) 862-5496

Filicia D'Aversa, Managing Program Coordinator II –Business Services
(518) 862-5343

Jeffrey Luks, Managing Program Coordinator II –Administrative Services
(518) 862-5381

Jim McQuade, Managing Program Coordinator II –Network Services — LAN
(518) 862-5363

Mike Sylofski, Managing Program Coordinator II –Instructional/E-Learning Services
(518) 862-5499

John Warner, Managing Program Coordinator II –Administrative Services — Computer & Systems Integration
(518) 862-5353

Stephen Yankowski, Managing Program Coordinator II –Network Services — WAN/Server Infrastructure
(518) 862-5373

Following are the Service Level Descriptions (SLDs) for each of the service it offers NERIC will offer during the 2016-17 school year. These documents are designed to provide customers with highly-detailed descriptions and other details about NERIC services and clearly outline the responsibilities of both NERIC and it service subscribers.

Administrative Services

NERIC Administrative Services encompass a wide array of services designed to provide districts with reliable, efficient and time-saving ways to track, update, report and protect crucial student data.

Cafeteria Services
Data Collection and Analysis Solutions Services
Mass Communication Services
Special Education Software & Management Services
Student Information System Support
Testing and Evaluation Services


Business Services

NERIC Business Services provide school district business offices with software and support to keep operations running smoothly, encompassing fund accounting and administrative software, tax processing, professional development tracking, facilities and security and surveillance services.

Facilities Services
Financial and Associated Services
Professional Development Tracking
  • MyLearningPlan PDMS
  • PDP Timekeeper Training and Support
Security Services
  • Security and Surveillance Services


Instructional/E-Learning Services

Instructional and E-Learning Services include a comprehensive selection of software, tools, and systems targeted to support and enhance classroom and school instructional goals and objectives. Selection planning, implementation services, professional development, and ongoing support and services are offered in numerous areas.

APPR Management Systems
Distance Learning and Videoconferencing
  • Distance Learning
  • Expanded Distance Learning
  • Online and Blended Learning
  • Video Conferencing
  • WebEx with Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR)
E-Learning (General Support)
E-Learning (Individual Systems Support)
  • Mobile Learning
Instructional Technology Integration
Local Assessment Systems
Technology Evaluation, Visioning and Planning


Network Services — LAN

NERIC Network/LAN Services is a comprehensive, proactive service model that delivers customized IT support to participating school districts. This set of services encompasses all aspects of technology support that allows the focus for schools to remain on education, while NERIC focuses on their unique technology needs.

IT Services
Security Services
Technical Support — Hardware & Software
Voice and Electronic Communication


Network Services — WAN/Server Infrastructure

Infrastructure/WAN Services provide support for Internet Access, Telecom Equipment Maintenance, Managed Firewall Service, VOIP Telephone Service and Service Desk Support.

Wide Area Network (WAN)