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VoIP Telephone Solution Services

CoSer: 623-7420

Service Code:


Contact :

Jim McQuade
(518) 862-5363

2016-17 Pricing:

  • 623.000.020: Per network
  • 623.000.090: Per district.

More Information:

IPT Network Support – Interconnect Service (Service Code: 623.000.020) Participating districts have the opportunity to connect their phone network to the regional phone network. This allows for increased communication between districts at a significantly reduced cost via on-network dialing. Participating districts can take advantage of least-cost routing. Because NERIC is uniquely positioned with offices in Albany, Schoharie and Plattsburgh, calls made to those areas would be charged as local calls, saving the district long-distance charges.

VoIP Hosted Service (Service Code: 623.000.090) For those looking to implement a VoIP system, NERIC will host your phones on our servers. NERIC staff will implement all changes, additions or moves to your phones and voicemail. This shared service saves districts the cost of servers, equipment maintenance, staff and facility resources associated with IP telephony. Additional features available to a hosted district are call pattern reports, 911 notification to select staff, use of alternative outgoing phone lines should the district’s fail and broadcast paging.