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CoSer: 412-5877

Service Code:



Mike Sylofski
(518) 862-5499

2017-18 Pricing:
412.020.040 $335 per unit per year VC Support – additional VC units
412.020.060 $8,100 per year VC Base Fee, non-DL subscribers – 1st unit
412.020.065 $5,825 per year VC Base Fee, DL subscribers – 1st unit
412.020.070 $160 per conference per site VC Bridging


NERIC's Videoconferencing service helps school districts, BOCES and other educational institutions more effectively use interactive video to connect students, professionals and schools to a world of exciting new educational opportunities. These video technologies offer more possibilities for multi-school collaborations and professional activities.

This service provides comprehensive technical and program support for high-definition and standard-definition video conferencing systems. Service features include multipoint videoconferencing through the regional bridge, recording/streaming video conferences and end-user training.