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Testing and Data Reporting Services

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Anne Marie Bertram

Matthew Coleman

Andrea Vamvas
Phone: (518) 862-5314
Fax: (518) 862-5396

Testing and Data Reporting Services

2018-19 Pricing:

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NERIC provides assistance around testing procedures, scoring and processing of many tests to more than 250 public schools, non-public schools and NYS organizations, helping them to meet the requirements of the NYS Education Department (NYSED). NERIC automates loading the results of state tests into the Data Warehouse.

The NERIC Testing and Data Reporting Services Team facilitates the administration, scanning, scoring and reporting of the New York state tests and assessments:

NERIC also produces Data Warehouse Level 1 Reports and data sets intended to help districts analyze the results and make subsequent changes to curriculum content/emphasis and student programs with the goal in mind of improving overall student performance.

In addition to testing services, NERIC Testing and Data Reporting has added two new services to our cache: The Early Warning Information System service which features the Early Warning and Intervention Management Modules by BrightBytes and the Schoolzilla K-12 Data Dashboard service.

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