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Technology Evaluation, Visioning and Planning

CoSer: 512-6360

Service Codes:



Lisa Ruud
(518) 862-5391

2018-19 Pricing:
Based on services requested.
512.170.010 BrightBytes – Support and Coordination
512.170.020 Technology Planning – Support and Coordination
512.170.030 Technology Planning – Additional Consultation/PD
512.171.010 BrightBytes – Clarity Research-Based Data Analytics


Technology Integration Evaluation Base Service — NERIC contracts with the BrightBytes Clarity platform to improve the impact of technology on student learning with evidence-based research and analysis. Leveraging data through this platform helps districts focus technology spending in highest need areas, write effective and meaningful instructional technology plans, assess progress of instructional technology initiatives and programs and strengthen communication between all district stakeholders (administrators, school board members, teachers, support staff, students, parents and community members).

Technology Evaluation, Visioning and Planning — This service is designed to comprehensively assist districts with evaluating instructional and administrative technology through both development of a technology plan linking curriculum, assessment, instruction with technology and customized consultation on technology planning. Long-range instructional technology planning should address such issues as district vision; data collection; analysis and reporting; using technology to support learning; equipment, wiring and software prioritization and procurement; implementation; staff development; support; funding; evaluation and communication of overall technology planning with stakeholders.

A typical implementation of this more comprehensive technology planning service would include technology planning (facilitated creation and yearly update); data to inform budgeting and procurement cycle for sustainable vision; two days on-site facilitation (kick off, board presentations, focus groups, technology committee meetings etc.); four days customized consultation around the following topics: leadership and human infrastructure, policies and governance, impact of professional development, new models of technical support, remote access, E-Learning, curriculum and instruction, and family and community partnerships; and four days targeted shared professional development.