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Teacher/Principal Evaluation Systems

CoSer: 604-7710

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Sara Gavens
(518) 862-5322

2017-18 Pricing:

Based on services requested.

Subscribers to this service can purchase user licenses for supported teacher/principal evaluation systems. Through the ongoing base fee, NERIC staff provide local software support to teachers and administrators utilizing the various online modules available through each others support packages.

In a subscriber’s first year in the service, NERIC staff also deliver formal training on the system to new users. Training includes an initial orientation to the software, guidance on software set-up, and guided instruction, coaching and practice of system features. Where appropriate, professional development may be presented in collaboration with Capital Region BOCES' Educational Support Services staff.

The software packages currently contain:

  • iObservation is an instructional and leadership improvement system. It collects, manages and reports longitudinal data from classroom walk-throughs, teacher evaluations and teacher observations. Teach growth and leadership practices inform professional development, which is differentiated to individual learning needs for each teacher and leader to increase his or her classroom effectiveness.
  • MLP/OASYS (now called Frontline Evaluation) is a complete web-based observation and appraisal management system. Its components enable communication, collaboration, and the exchange of evaluation data to flow easily between multiple evaluators, observers and practitioners, and even amongst peers. Through its scheduling features, form settings, bi-directional approval routing, and email notifications, MLP/OASYS (now Frontline Evaluation) provides an open-ended, yet structured, approach that allows participants to engage actively in the appraisal process. The MLP/OASYS (Frontline Evaluation) service can be bundled with MLP/PDMS (now Frontline Professional Development Management System for Instructional & Non-Instructional Users) offered through NERIC’s Professional Development Tracking System Support service.
  • Teachscape (now owned by Frontline) allows districts to incorporate Danielson’s Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument 2011/2013 as a rubric in the observation/evaluation system. Other available components include online learning modules based on authentic teaching practice to support professional development and school turnaround and an online course for administrators to obtain their certification or re-calibration in inter-rater reliability.