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Shared Data Assistance Coordinator

CoSer: 604-7710

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Mary McGeoch
(518) 862-5318

2016-17 Pricing:

Based on the scope of district needs and actual services requested.

School districts need reliable, efficient and time-saving ways to manage, automate and report their student data. NERIC-based shared data assistance coordinators will work with multiple districts, provide an increased level of support for district-required tasks and assist district staff in ensuring data readiness as mandated by the New York State Education Department (NYSED).

Service includes:
  • Guidance to district staff on the interpretation of policy as it pertains to accountability requirements as prescribed by the State Information Repository System (SIRS) as provided by NYSED.
  • Assistance with the ongoing readiness (void of potential errors) of data for submission to the state Data Warehouse with the use of tools such as NERIC DataFlow.
  • Alerts to appropriate district staff of data findings and error reports of data to be corrected.
  • Assistance with the uploading of data files to the state Data Warehouse (Level 0 and Level 1).
  • Coordination with district administrators to assure deadlines for data certification are met as it pertains to the SIRS.
  • Periodic checks of data and reasonableness-type reports to catch unreported data.