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Remote Coordinators

CoSer: 604-7710

Service Code:



Jeffrey Luks
(518) 862-5381

2016-17 Pricing:

Based on the scope of district needs and actual services requested.


School districts need reliable, efficient and time-saving ways to manage, automate and report their student data. Remote coordinators will work in the district and provide an increased level of support for district required tasks.

This Service Includes:

School Automation Coordinator (604.420/460/530) This service can provide state reporting coordination within districts and with NERIC. The coordinator works with other members of the NERIC team to advance the efforts of data integration, eases the process of reporting from the district to the state Data Warehouse (Level 0) and coordinates with the district and NERIC team on the ongoing development of advanced, integrated data reporting requirements. This service can also:

  • provide ongoing guidance and training to districts regarding their use of NERIC-supported management systems,
  • regularly advise district administrators on state reporting needs and
  • coordinate the verifications of data across a district.