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Project Planning and Management

CoSer: 512-6360 or 604-7710

Service Codes:

512.005 or 604.270


Brian Carey
(518) 862-5325

Rebecca Dee
(518) 862-5394

2017-18 Pricing:

Based on services requested.

NERIC’s Project Planning and Management service approaches technology as an important part of instruction. Appropriate planning and management of technology in support of teachers and student lessons and learning creates a transformational, hands-on environment that helps motivate students to develop the skills and knowledge they need in the 21st-century workplace: problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation and collaboration.

Using this model, NERIC (working with vendor affiliates) will lead school districts through any technology initiative with comprehensive planning, proposal generation, procurement, financing, monitoring, installation and support. Hardware in conjunction with application software may be purchased through various funding methods, including installment purchases, bonds and capital projects.