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Anti-Virus Protection

CoSer: 512-6360 or 604-7710

Service Codes:

512.026 (Instructional)  604.070 (Administrative)


Ralph DeJesus
(518) 862-5366

2016-17 Pricing:
512.026.010 $5.90 per renewal
512.026.020 $8.20 per new license
604.070.010 $5.90 per renewal
604.070.020 $8.20 per new license


This service provides districts with licensing for the latest version of Symantec anti-virus software to protect computer hardware and networks from malicious viruses, spyware and Trojans. NERIC has access to licenses at preferred pricing to protect district workstations, laptops and critical file servers. In addition, NERIC will coordinate Symantec support for this product to ensure that your networks and users are secure.