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Online and Blended Learning

CoSer: 412-5877

Service Code:


Service codes by package:
412.030.030 through 412.030.032 Blackboard
412.030.040 Schoology
Credit accrual and recovery  
412.030.140 Online/Blended Learning – System Support
412.031.090 Fuel Education – System & Licensing
412.031.120 Accelerate U – System & Licensing
412.031.130 GradPoint – System & Licensing
412.031.140 Online/Blended – System & Licensing
412.031.150 Apex Learning – System & Licensing



William Murphy (Schoology)
(518) 862-5351

Steve Janover (Blackboard, Schoology)
(518) 862-5324

Colin Strainge (all other platforms)
(518) 862-5320

2017-18 Pricing:

Based on services requested.

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NERIC’s Online and Blended Learning services help school districts expand curriculum offerings to meet the needs of students at all learning paces. From credit accrual and response to intervention, differentiated instruction and standardized test review, Online and Blended Learning gives students many academic options to help them achieve their best. Districts purchase licensing and/or system access to courseware applications tailored to the district’s academic needs. NERIC staff further assist with program development around the applications, provide ongoing support and facilitate regional user groups to help schools get the most out of the online and blended learning programs they choose.

This service includes access to any one of the following online services:

Blackboard and Schoology: The Learning Management System (LMS) service is designed to help educators transform classrooms by providing a platform to deliver online and blended learning courses. NERIC helps teachers deliver digital content, create interactive communication and assess student work. This Web-based service can be used as an online course creation tool, a content management system and a virtual repository for school-wide communication, work flow and parental access to virtual classrooms. These platforms provide a secure online environment for curricula and assessments, online grade books, file transfers and discussion boards, blogs and wikis. The service provides individual accounts for educators and students, end-user training opportunities, a best practices course bank and instructional and technical support.

For Schoology Enterprise subscribers only – Student Information System Integration. Schoology Enterprise subscribers have the ability to populate course assignments and rosters through integration with the district's student information system. Google, Office 365 and LDAP authentication is also available.

Credit Accrual and Make-Up: These online and blended learning services offer access to coursework not otherwise available in regular school schedules to meet varying student needs. Service subscribers use Web-based courseware systems to provide students opportunities to earn course credits consistent with the new New York state regulations for awarding credit using online and blended learning models. This service supports varying levels of student readiness through digital curriculum along multiple course pathways, including core subjects, world languages, electives, honor courses, Advanced Placement and exam prep courses. Content is available from such providers as Accelerate U, Apex Learning, Advanced Academics, Fuel Education (Aventa Learning) and Pearson (GradPoint), depending on the needs of the student and the school.