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MyLearningPlan PDMS

CoSer: 604-7710

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Sara Gavens
(518) 862-5322

2017-18 Pricing:

Based on services requested.


With the MyLearningPlan PDMS (now called Frontline Professional Development Management
System for Instructional & Non-Instructional Users) web-based program, school administrators are
able to implement and track professional development plans and activities. Teachers and other staff
members can design their own learning plans that are in compliance and align with school district
and state goals.

Subscribers of the MyLearningPlan (Frontline) service/PDMS through NERIC can also add the MLP/
OASYS (now Frontline Evaluation) observation and appraisal management system. MLP/OASYS
(Frontline) enables districts to schedule, manage, complete and report all components of the evaluation
process for teachers, principals, administrators and non-instructional staff. Additional information
can be found under Teacher/Principal Evaluation Systems.