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Student Assessment

CoSer: 604-7710

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Sara Gavens
(518) 862-5322

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Colin Strainge (Amplify only)
(518) 862-5320

2017-18 Pricing:

Based on services requested.

Subscribers to this service can purchase user licenses for supported Local Student Assessment systems. NERIC staff provide local software support and training for teachers and administrators utilizing the assessment software systems. Where appropriate, professional development may be presented in collaboration with Capital Region BOCES' Educational Support Services staff.

The software packages currently supported are:

  • Amplify (604.650.040 and 604.651.040) provides rapid collection and analysis systems for a range of diagnostic assessment tools with quick indicators for foundational skills. Amplify is designed to provide a picture of students’ abilities in a variety of disciplines through its mCLASS suite of products (mCLASS: DIBELS Next, mCLASS: TPRI, mCLASS: Reading 3D and mCLASS: Math).
  • iReady (604.650.500, 604.650.510 and 604.651.500) delivers an online product that combines student growth measures with individualized instruction. It is a K-12 adaptive diagnostic assessment for reading and math that measures academic gaps, as well as achievement, providing the tools that allow educators to adjust and individualize instruction. Additionally, iReady equips teachers with an action plan for delivering that instruction to small groups, individually, online or through live lessons targeting the specific skills identified as in need of improvement or enrichment.
  • Renaissance Learning (604.650.010 and 604.651.240) is a cloud-based assessment and teaching tool that provides valid, up-to-date actionable data allowing educators to individualize instruction that engages students through personalized practice. The suite of products available are STAR Early Literacy, STAR Reading, STAR Math, STAR Custom and STAR Spanish that can be purchased individually or bundled together as STAR 360. Other components include Accelerated Reader 360, Accelerated Math, Math and English in a Flash and Subtext.