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Extended Classroom Support

CoSer: 604-7710

Service Codes:



Stephen Yankowski
(518) 862-5373

2018-19 Pricing:

Based on district needs

The Extended Classroom Support Service is designed to help school districts manage, track and support mobile, content-filtered hotspots and Wi-Fi connectivity within their transportation fleet and school district community.

The Extended Classroom Support Service is an all-inclusive, content-filtered extension of the school district learning environment utilizing mobile hotspots or Wi-Fi connectivity for individualized usage and or project/purpose, or for connectivity for the transportation fleet of buses or vehicles.

NERIC-supported components of this service include:
  • needs-analysis and recommendations for the data-usage types
  • content-filtered design options
  • co-managed access for data usage and tracking
  • monthly statistical reports and annual service review content filtering access and management
  • access to NERIC Service Desk for trouble ticket problem tracking and escalation, if needed
  • bi-annual service reviews performed in between semesters in order to maximize usage