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Early Warning Information System (EWIS)

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Anne Marie Bertram
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Dropping out of school is a process, not a single event. Disengaged students at risk for dropping out of school typically show warning signs for several years before the actual event occurs. Signs of risk may be discrete at the beginning of a student’s academic career, but if unaddressed, these risks tend to grow in breadth, frequency, and severity over time. Accurate, early identification with intervention to the right support is critical to the trajectory of a student’s entire life.

Educators intuitively understand that early intervention is crucial for a struggling student to achieve success. However, many early warning systems only begin to identify at-risk students in late middle school, or early high school. Often by this stage in a student’s career, educators have missed the best opportunity to intervene with the appropriate support and services necessary for academic recovery.

To help districts with the identification and intervention of at-risk students, NERIC has partnered with BrightBytes to provide an Early Warning Information System (EWIS) Service. Using the Clarity platform by BrightBytes, districts are able to implement the Early Warning and Intervention Management Modules. These modules use a district’s historical and current school data along with BrightBytes uses predictive analytics to identify students who are at-risk of not graduating.

To learn more about how the NERIC EWIS Service can help your district, please select from the current available module selections: