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Early Warning Information System (EWIS)

CoSer: 604-7710

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Anne Marie Bertram
(518) 862-5333

2017-18 Pricing:

Vendor licensing fee: $2.70 per RWADA (for schools purchasing SMS Support from NERIC)
NERIC coordination base fee:  $3,000.
First 1,000 students: $1.50 per RWADA
1,001-2,000 students: $1.00 per RWADA
2,001-5,000 students: $.50 per RWADA
Each student over 5,001: $.25 per RWADA



NERIC has partnered with BrightBytes by Clarity to provide an Early Warning Information System
(EWIS) for districts.

The EWIS integrates multiple data sources for a district such as academics, attendance, behavior and
demographics. Using a research-based algorithm, the EWIS performs analysis across various indicators
within these data sources. The EWIS then identifies students/groups/programs that are at risk.
Districts can then review the at-risk populations and determine research-based intervention strategies
needed for support.

Using district data, NERIC will provide an annual setup and configurations for all K – 12 students.
NERIC will also provide in-district initial trainings, access to regional EWIS trainings, Tier 1 NERIC call
support and access to an online tool kit for data analysis.

Other EWIS user features:

  • Personalized Reports. Access the right report for every role with easy-to-read infographics for
    quick decision-making.
  • Insights: Quick Wins. Save time by quickly increasing the impact of your initiatives using short,
    actionable tips that can be implemented with relative ease and little risk.
  • Insights: Innovators. Connect to a rolodex of innovators in similar roles – who have faced similar
    challenges – through direct social media links.
  • Insights: Game Changers. Address larger scale gaps with links to game changing program
    plans and initiatives.
  • Social Layer. Connect educational leaders to educators in similar roles through an interactive
    social feed and personalized theme-based groups.
Early Warning Information System Resources:

Click here for BrightBytes Early Warning Systems resources including the "Module Overview" and "Dropout vs. Graduate EWIS Infographic."