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EWIS Intervention Management Module

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Anne Marie Bertram
(518) 862-5333

2018-19 Pricing:

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Decorative figureUsing acquisitioned data from the EWM, the Intervention Management Module (IMM) is a process management tool that allows users to connect students to interventions and monitor their progress. Users are able to see 12-months of intervention notes and certain interventions can be tied to a metric assessment (i.e. iReady) which together allow a comprehensive look at a student and whether supports are working.

Once a district has established data and interventions, educators are able to monitor the intervention's effectiveness through trends over time. Educators can set goals and measure the progress of trends over time or drill down to changes over time across the critical indicators. The Intervention module also collects information as to the duration of the support/intervention, through the intervention history & notes section. The module shows the overall status, as well as, detailed historical information with dates, type of service, service providers, and notes. This allows school and district staff to ensure students receive the necessary support, adjust support as needed, and easily reach out to service providers.

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