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EWIS Early Warning Module

CoSer: 604-7710

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Anne Marie Bertram
(518) 862-5333

2018-19 Pricing:

As billed


Decorative figureThe Early Warning Module (EWM) integrates multiple data sources for a district such as academics, attendance, behavior and demographics. Using a research-based algorithm, the EWIS performs analysis across various indicators within these data sources. The EWM then identifies students/groups/programs that are at risk. Districts can then review the at-risk populations and determine research-based intervention strategies needed for support.

Other EWM user features include:
  • Personalized Reports. Access the right report for every role with easy-to-read infographics for quick decision-making.
  • Insights: Quick Wins. Save time by quickly increasing the impact of your initiatives using short, actionable tips that can be implemented with relative ease and little risk.
  • Insights: Innovators. Connect to a rolodex of innovators in similar roles – who have faced similar
    challenges – through direct social media links.
  • Insights: Game Changers. Address larger scale gaps with links to game changing program
    plans and initiatives.
  • Social Layer. Connect educational leaders to educators in similar roles through an interactive
    social feed and personalized theme-based groups
Early Warning Information System Resources:

For more information on all of the modules featured by BrightBytes, please visit their website. More information, questions, and price quotes can be acquired by contacting Anne Marie Bertram at or by calling 518-862-5333.