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Data Warehouse

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Mary McGeoch
(518) 862-5318

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The Data Warehouse serves over 200 public and non-public school districts and helps them prepare and submit various data to the State Education Department to meet requirements for the No Child Left Behind Act.

Data Warehouse

Using the eScholar state-standardized Data Warehouse solution, data elements from multiple information systems, including
student information systems, special education systems, nutrition systems and human resource systems, are integrated into a single data repository, from which districts have direct access to a comprehensive district profile.

This service provides districts with an accurate and consistent means for importing district data extracted from various information systems. Subscribers of NERIC–supported information systems, which have approved eScholar data extracts, will have an assurance that data is available for import in the standard format as prescribed by the Student Information Repository System (SIRS). Data validation rules are run against district data throughout the submission process to identify potential errors in data reporting and state reports are generated for district review prior to the district’s final certification of data accuracy. Some of the domains included at this time are demographic, enrollment, program services, assessments, special education, teacher student data linkage, final grade, credit/GPA, attendance, courses, staff assignment, staff tenure and staff evaluation.

Guidance and interpretation of policy and accountability as it relates to the SIRS, as well as training and support, are also provided.


Data Warehouse Team

Mary McGeoch, Data Warehouse Manager, (518) 862-5409

Michele Hausmann, DW Program Coordinator II, (518) 862-5409

Jeff Bittner, DW Program Coordinator II, (518) 862-5409

Gail Newcomb, DW Program Coordinator II, (518) 862-5409

Technical Support

DW Hotline: (518) 862-5409
DW Help Email:
FAX: (518) 862-5378



The spring 2018 District Data Coordinator meetings are being held in each of the seven BOCES' regions. Join us to discuss current and upcoming NYS reporting requirements; Dataflow; Level 0 updates; reporting reminders; and the NYSED’s timeline and deadlines. Each meeting will be conducted from 9 a.m. to noon and will cover the same information, so please plan to attend at one of the following locations that is most convenient for you:




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