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CoSer: 604-7710

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Mary McGeoch
(518) 862-5318

2016-17 Pricing:

Based on services requested.


NERIC DataFlow provides an automated process for moving data from a number of student information and special education systems directly to Level 0 of the Data Warehouse.

This service, originally available only to districts subscribing to services for NERIC-supported student information and special education systems, can now be purchased by non-supported districts.

NERIC DataFlow automates the daily extraction of student demographic, enrollment and program services data from the source system. Level 0 import rules are applied to the extracted data, error reports are generated on a daily basis and the data that passes the edit checks is written directly to Level 0. This automated process eliminates the need to manually extract files for import into Level 0 and attention can be given to correcting errors in the source system on a daily basis.

GPS (Get Problems Solved) has been added to assist in the process. GPS is system-specific help contained within the reports, which provides users with information about how and where to correct errors in their source system. MORE>>