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Cooperative Technology Services

CoSer: 604-7710

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Matt Castilla
(518) 862-5496

2016-17 Pricing:

Determined per district and based on services acquired.


Cooperative Technology Services (CTS) includes consultation, planning, implementation, oversight and ongoing support for standardized technology in accordance with the NERIC Chapter 793 plan. Each subscriber is provided with a technical team, including a technical account manager (TAM) and field technicians. Other central NERIC staff will be involved in the active monitoring of supported servers, systems and networks as mutually agreed upon as a part of the comprehensive technology inventory.

CTS provides customer-focused information technology resources and management to support the subscriber’s technology infrastructure. While CTS is intended to be flexible, allowing subscribers to develop their own unique educational technology vision and goals, NERIC works to standardize a set of methodologies ensuring consistent and enterprise-level delivery of services.

In order to provide cost-effective and efficient delivery of CTS, NERIC will make a distinction between standard and non-standard services. During the CTS onboarding process, NERIC will work with subscribers to define the hardware and software to be included as part of the standard service offering. All hardware and software included under the standard service offering will be listed within the comprehensive technology inventory.

Standard Services:
  • Strategic planning and technology consultation.
  • IT governance.
  • Inventory control and lifecycle management.
  • Budget development and management.
  • Procurement services.
  • Technology project consultation and coordination.
  • Onsite technical staffing.
  • CTS training.
  • Service desk support.
  • User account management.
  • Network infrastructure and device support.