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Marlene MacFee named new manager for Computer Systems Integration (CSI)

Marlene MacFee

Marlene MacFee has been named the new managing program coordinator I for NERIC's Computer Systems Integration (CSI) service.

MacFee joined the NERIC in 2000 as an applications developer I and took on a lead programming roll with the organization's distributed Tax Billing program. She moved into the role of applications developer II and helped move the Tax Billing service and program onto a centralized system that includes additional features to interface with NERIC's third-party credit card payment system and internal web look-up application. She has also been instrumental in helping further key projects and their application, both within the NERIC and for the districts it serves.

"I know that Marlene will be a great addition to the management team and CSI Unit," said John Warner, NERIC's manager of Administrative Services Computer & Systems Integration. "The skills and expertise she brings to this new role are sure to help move us closer to achieving our goals, which include providing a consistently high level of customer service to the districts and BOCES we serve."