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Chapter 793 Plan

Section 4: Action Steps

Student and Data Management

  • Continue to support all aspects of data reporting and management.
  • Continue development and refinement of multi-RIC assessment reports.
  • Continue working with BOCES School Support personnel to promote the use of RIC data reports in support of data driven instruction.
  • Refine and augment data integration efforts including automation.
  • Evaluate and monitor usage and emerging trends in student data systems.
  •  Implement early warning systems where desired.
  • Begin looking at systems that allow for new ways to visualize data.


Distance Learning

  • Continue to foster and support the regional DL model.
  • Adjust model as needed to meet the changing needs of the region. Change will come from within as this model is truly a “collective."
  • Seek to establish additional remote learning models in order to meet the vast needs of all of the region’s districts.


Portal Services

  • Build service models to support districts’ need for anytime/anyplace access. Specifically, implement services around the following:

i. Learning Management
ii. Content Management
iii. Microsoft 365
iv. Google

Hardware and Infrastructure

  • Continue recommendations for the region’s schools to include models, and devices to support the following initiatives

i. Computer Based Testing
ii. BYOD
iii. 1:1 computing

  • Develop and institute support models for these initiatives


Emerging Technologies

  • Leverage the strength of the RIC to create a technology “sandbox” in order to showcase emerging trends in educational technology.
  • Make these emerging technologies available for district exploration so that they make informed decisions.


Financial and Employee Management Systems

  • Continue and finish converting districts from Finance Manager to nVision.
  • Prepare, plan, and lead districts for the eventuality WinCap reaching end of life. Work with Harris, to firmly establish “what is next.”
  • Continue supporting APPR and Staff development platforms and evaluate effectiveness and user satisfaction.
  • Continue assisting districts with required staff level APPR data reporting.


Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity/Server Hosting

  • Leverage the RIC’s new data center to continue to provide carrier class data recovery and business continuity support for crucial services.
  • Begin to identify DR/BC best practice policy guidance for districts.
  • Begin local server hosting as an extension of current hosted models.


Facilities, Transportation, and Security Services

  • Continue support on current facilities and transportation platforms.
  • Evaluate effectiveness and user satisfaction with facilities and transportation services with an eye on data integration.
  • Finalize selection of additional security and access control vendors so as to provide more choice to districts.
  • Pilot and implement RIC supported visitor management system(s).
  • Continue to promote RIC hosting of VoIP telephony for the region so as to continue to drive the overall cost of the service down.


Connected Buses

  • Pilot low, medium, and high cost solutions with willing districts.
  • Work with the instructional support team to create a metric to determine impact of connected school buses on learning.