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Chapter 793 Plan

Section 2: Current Context

What are the needs and priorities of districts within the region that the plan addresses? How were these needs identified and prioritized?

To determine needs and priorities of districts within the region, the regional planning process was followed as outlined in section one of this document. Specific attention was given in that process to focus on how technology needs have changed as a result of several of the recent educational initiatives that schools districts and BOCES have had to contend with.

NERIC’s Regional Advisory Committee specifically requested that all RIC goals be prioritized by those that serve the following:

  • Race to the Top
  • Common Core Implementation
  • Data Driven Instruction Data Portals/Dashboards
  • Computer-Based Testing
  • APPR
  • 21st Century Facilities


Based on the above planning process, the NERIC Regional Advisory Committee has outlined the following priorities:

  • Student and Data Management
  • Distance Learning
  • Portal Services
  • Hardware and Infrastructure
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Financial and Employee Management Systems
  • Managed Services
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity/Server Hosting
  • Facilities, Transportation and Security Services