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NERIC Chapter 793 Plan


(Statutory Authority: Education Law, 207, 1608-a, 1716-a, 1950 (4) (c); Laws of 1985, Chapter 53, ยง17)

Section 115.1 BOCES computer services plans.

(a) Purpose. The purpose of this section is to set forth the requirements for approval of computer services plans prepared by boards of cooperative educational services and submitted to the commissioner in accordance with section 1950(4)(c) of the Education Law. Applications for the approval of shared services shall be determined, in relevant part, based on consistency with an approved plan.

(b) Plan requirements. Each board of cooperative educational services shall prepare a five-year regional plan to meet the projected need for cooperative computer services in the supervisory district, and shall submit such plan to the commissioner on or before the first day of December of each year. Each plan shall contain:

(1) a description of the long-range planning process, which includes:

(i) a list of persons involved in the development of the plan;

(ii) criteria for selection of such individuals; and

(iii) a description of the planning processes which were followed and will be followed;

(2) evidence that the proposed computer services are consistent with and conform to policies and criteria for BOCES-provided computer services approved by the commissioner;

(3) a description, in a form prescribed by the commissioner, of computer services currently made available by BOCES within the service region;

(4) a list, in a form prescribed by the commissioner, of the mainframe, mini and micro hardware which is a part of the delivery system, including a rationale for the selection of such hardware;

(5) a list, in a form prescribed by the commissioner, of the software which has been selected to run on all hardware which compromises the system, including a rationale for the selection of this particular set of software;

(6) a network description, in a form prescribed by the commissioner, which clearly indicates the lines, line types and locations of devices which compromise the regional delivery system;

(7) a description, where appropriate, of how the regional system will take into account findings of department-conducted operations and management audits;

(8) a summary of costs and revenues, broken down by application area, as well as the proposed charges to school district for future services, including a rationale for those particular charges;

(9) a list of the major problems impeding more efficient and effective provision of services, and a detailed description of the steps proposed to overcome the problems;

(10) a list of the assumptions about future school district needs and changes in information technology which are governing long-range projections about the nature of future delivery systems;

(11) a description of a comprehensive needs assessment, which includes a survey of users and nonusers within the regional service delivery system;

(12) priorities established as a result of such needs assessment;

(13) a description of the goals for long-range service delivery;

(14) a description of how the services made available will assist school districts to meet State reporting requirements;

(15) a detailed plan, and performance objectives for the first two years of the plan;

(16) a description of how local personnel intend to evaluate the extent to which goals and performance objectives are achieved;

(17) a description of the procedures which will be put in place to monitor the plan’s implementation; and

(18) other such items as may be deemed necessary by the commissioner.