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The NERIC Advantage

The Northeastern Regional Information Center adds value to its partnerships with districts in many ways:

  • The Northeastern Regional Information Center provides unparalleled professional expertise to school districts. Many of our staff members are not only experts in their chosen technology concentrations, they are also former educators. They know the intricacies involved in providing the technological support that teachers and other school district personnel require, which helps them make the most informed recommendations based on each district’s individual needs. Further, NERIC staff members spend countless hours researching vendor products and services to ensure NERIC’s offerings address current and future needs in education, and provide continuous quality of service.
  • NERIC offers school districts strong leverage and purchasing power with private vendors. With nearly 140 school districts under NERIC’s umbrella, the organization is able to negotiate lower prices for equipment, software, licensing, etc., which helps schools save crucial taxpayer dollars. In addition, NERIC’s cooperative approach to school technology service enables the organization to ensure private vendors respond to the needs of schools.
  • NERIC is an advocate on behalf of school districts. NERIC is a vigilant watchdog when it comes to vendor performance, especially since taxpayer dollars fund its services. The organization only aligns itself with responsive, reliable private vendor partners to ensure districts always access the most cost-effective, high-quality technology services. NERIC lobbies private vendors to enhance products, adjust pricing and honor state requirements so school investments in technology remain reliable and protected. NERIC and its employees receive absolutely no financial incentives for aligning with particular vendors. NERIC’s only incentive is to provide school districts with reliable, knowledgeable service that strengthens its overall purchasing power.
  • NERIC sets technology standards. As one of the largest Regional Information Centers in New York State with hundreds of years of ed-tech experience on staff, NERIC sets technology standards with private vendors – not vice versa. In a world where information needs to flow 24 hours a day, seven days a week, reliability at a cost-effective price is essential. If a vendor does not meet NERIC’s rigorous standards, it finds another vendor that does – at no additional cost to school districts.
  • NERIC is a data liaison. With so much of a district’s daily business hinging on the accuracy of data, NERIC has positioned itself as a resource for the efficient mining, organization and analysis of school district data, from student records to payroll. NERIC helps school districts understand and adapt to evolving state requirements, and provides districts with services that allow districts to submit highly accurate data quickly, as well as mine data for information that helps classroom instruction evolve to meet the needs of students.
  • NERIC provides strong customer service. When a customer calls NERIC, they are greeted by a real person, not an automated telephone system. All customer correspondence, whether by phone or email, is answered in a timely fashion. NERIC employees design and monitor all NERIC services to exceed customer expectations. Whether it’s working into the wee hours of the morning, coming in on weekends or traveling great distances, NERIC employees do whatever it takes to resolve issues quickly and ensure continuity of service. And unlike some private sector counterparts, NERIC does not charge districts additional money to respond to problems outside of the regular work day.
  • NERIC is a staff development powerhouse. From one-on-one trainings to group support, NERIC offers school districts countless staff development options to maximize productivity and knowledge. NERIC also provides convenient web-based training programs for added convenience. Further, NERIC staff members are always a phone call or email away to provide ongoing support after initial training is complete.
  • NERIC services are highly flexible. No matter the budgetary restrictions, NERIC is able to tailor services based on each district’s individual needs. This is because NERIC follows a billing structure that allows districts to pay for services over the course of the school year, even though most services require significant up-front investment. Since front-end costs are often a heavy fiscal burden for most schools, NERIC spreads these costs out across all of its customers, and then returns any unused funds to districts at the end of the school year. NERIC ends each school year with an operating budget of zero dollars.