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Medicaid Training & Support 

School Supportive Health Services Program Mission

To assist school districts, counties and ยง4201 schools provide quality healthcare to students with disabilities for certain diagnostic and health support services through accessing Medicaid reimbursement for eligible services and to prevent fraud, abuse and false billing to the Medicaid Preschool and School Supportive Health Services Program (SSHSP) while ensuring compliance with federal and state laws, regulations and guidelines.

Meet your Regional Information Center Representatives:
  • Mary McGeoch
    NERIC / Capital Region BOCES
    Program Manager - Medicaid
    Office Phone: (518) 862-5409
  • Vernea Razanousky
    Capital Region BOCES
    Program Coordinator – Medicaid
    Office Phone: (518) 862-5419
  • Heather Schubert
    North Country Program Coordinator – Medicaid
    Office Phone: (518) 862-5438

Your local RICs are responsible for conducting documentation reviews, trainings, advocating, providing billing support and guidance.

Sign up for a training:
Medicaid Update Meetings
ePACES Training (scheduled through NERIC)
  • TBA
Trainings with Vernea Razanousky
Trainings with Heather Schubert
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