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Our Mission:

NERIC partners with our school communities to transform education through vision, leadership and support in technology.

Our Vision:

We will be recognized as leaders for emerging and innovative educational technology, service and support.


In a geographic service area that covers 17 counties, the Northeastern Regional Information Center (NERIC) partners with seven BOCES to provide advanced technology services to more than 137 school districts. NERIC provides districts with a broad array of services that apply to multiple facets of district operations, such as instruction, student information, finances, human resources, security and test reporting.

NERIC's trained professionals and technical experts are the key components in our charge to provide comprehensive and highly effective services for school district operations. In order to provide our schools the best technology and application solutions possible for each service and program, every software package we custom-assemble for districts is tested, certified and locally supported.

NERIC deploys dozens of trained and certified technical experts throughout the region who design, install, support and manage hundreds of school districts' wide-area and local area networks. All technical support areas, from help desk troubleshooting to technology maintenance, are covered.

In addition, NERIC's instructional staff development offerings give districts the chance to collaborate to further enhance their staff development programs. Emphasis on New York State Learning Standards and current courseware are combined with professional training staff to provide high-quality planning and training services our districts have come to depend on.

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What is a Regional information Center (RIC)?

The Regional Information Centers (RICs) are organized under the Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES). Presently, there are 12 Regional Information Centers in New York state, each administratively aligned under a BOCES. Typically, a RIC serves several BOCES within their region. Two exceptions are Nassau BOCES and Greater Southern Tier BOCES, which have dedicated RICs. Regional Information Centers (RICs) offer 21st century classroom tools to optimize student achievement.


By regionalizing services, the RICs, in particular, make a wider range of technology skill sets available to school districts. This relationship increases the buying power of a district and promotes consistent technical standards. This cost effective system continues to lighten the burden placed on local taxpayers and has leveled the playing field so that no matter the size of a district, the best resources remain within reach for New York students.

RIC Services

RICs offer different services from one another and may support different products or vendors for these services. Collaboration on service and software contracts occurs regularly in the following areas:

  • Administrative systems
  • Data analysis, integration, verification and security
  • Integration of technology in schools and classrooms
  • Technical support

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The RIC Directors meet formally on a monthly basis to coordinate statewide initiatives and leverage capabilities. RICs sometimes cross contract with one another on behalf of member school districts for services.

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